Thank You Teachers

By September 1, 2016

By: Natasha Naik

Though students may not be especially excited to be back in school, there is no doubt that parents all across the nation are rejoicing. No more shuttling kids between summer camps, no more finding ways to keep them occupied and at long last, no more cleaning up sticky popsicle drippings which are found all around the house.

After a seemingly never ending summer, kids are back in the charge of their teachers. It is now up to our children’s teachers to keep kids busy and out of trouble. Up to teachers to mediate playground squabbles and to sooth hurt feelings between school hours. Up to teachers to carry out the tedious prep work for arts and crafts projects. And while parents have the benefit of seeing their children grow up and grow out of old habits associated with certain ages, teachers must go through the same process again, year after year.

Do we ever take a moment to fully appreciate all that they do? So many of us can look back at our past and point to a certain teacher and remember the impact they made on our lives. Every day we send our kids to school, trusting that their teachers will be doing all they can to have a similar impact. This school year, let’s remember to thank our teachers and to be appreciative of all they do. Considering how much it takes to care for just one child, the undertaking of looking after 20 would seem to require superpowers.

While teachers are not super heroes, they are our children’s heroes. The patience and understanding required to be a teacher are not traits we all have. Let’s make sure to thank, appreciate our teachers and be aware of all they do.



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