What is Composting?

Composting is defined as the decomposition of something alive back into it’s original organic atoms, molecules. Get a first hand look at how composting works.

Recycled Paper vs Sugar Pulp

A recycled paper tray and a sugar pulp tray go head to head on The Battle of Compostable Trays.

Watch a Compostable Plate Decompose

We wanted to show our viewers how the compost process for our plates work, so we filled two fish tanks with soil and added compostable and non compostable tableware products.

Get the Facts on Styrofoam

Did you know? Styrofoam is the 5th largest source of hazardous waste in the United States. Schools contribute to the destruction of our planet every time students go to lunch. Learn the facts and stop using foam.

Compost Ur Waste

Want to teach students about sustainability and how to make an impact in our planet? Why not start with something simple as school lunch trays. Did you know that in 2010, 31% of food went to waste?


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